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标题: Mistakes about weight loss supplements [打印本页]

作者: clasaffloweroil    时间: 10-1-2018 09:47 AM     标题: Mistakes about weight loss supplements

Green tea helps you in burning fat:

This misconception has actually become pretty famous. Owing to this very reason, green tea is being consumed by millions of people all over the world thinking that they would be able to lose weight by taking CLA Safflower Oil or drinking a cup of green tea each and every day. You need to understand that in the longer term, green tea can hardly help you in losing weight. Green tea consists of caffeine which provides you with the required amount of energy to move around.

When you’re moving around, automatically you would be burning a significant amount of calories. That is why, instead of thinking that green tea would help you in burning fat, you have to find out the truth about the same. The problem is that when you are consuming caffeine on a regular basis, it would disturb your sleeping cycles and over a period of time, your body would become more resistant to caffeine. That is why, even though green tea stimulates your body to move around a bit but in the longer term, it is not beneficial for your body.

You can consume bitter orange in place of an Ephedra:

Ephedra was hyped significantly in the last few years. Due to this very reason, many people started taking it as a beneficial supplement. In 2004, it was however banned by the FDA. Many people think that bitter orange is a substitute to Ephedra. However, what you need to keep in mind is that some of the ingredients of bitter orange as well as the Ephedra overlap. That is why bitter orange can be equally dangerous as well. Instead of thinking that bitter orange would help you in losing weight, it is a better idea to avoid it altogether since it is not backed by strong research and moreover, it consists of some harmful ingredients like synephrine.

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